The Landsupport project aims at developing a web-based completely free, open-access GeoSpatial Decision Support System (S-DSS) devoted to:

- support sustainable agriculture and forestry;
- evaluate trade-off between land uses;
- contribute to the development and implementation of land use policies in Europe.

To achieve this, Landsupport is developing 100 operational, trans-disciplinary S-DSS tools, based on a smart Geospatial CyberInfrastructure (GCI), to achieve a set of innovative scientific, technical and land policy-oriented specific objectives.

Project activities are carried out on different geographical and governance scales, from the European level to the national and regional/ local scale –in Italy, Hungary and Austria – with two additional pilot sites in Tunisia and Malaysia. This allows for testing Landsupport tools in very different physical, socio-economic and cultural settings.

On these basis, Landsupport is promoting an integrated approach towards rural development policies, by linking science and practice and exploring the vast potential of e-science in agriculture.

Landsupport’s vision aims at reconciling agriculture and environment, showing that the sustainable management of “land as a resource” is not simply a wicked, unsolvable problem, but rather a complex reality that can be dealt with by using appropriate DSS tools.

Datacube Offering

The Landsupport datacube service provides a variety of agricultural, forestry and atospheric related data.

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