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Global Earth Datacube Services

The EarthServer federation provides a uniform data space of spatio-temporal Earth data, integrating a massive number of large-scale data providers in a completely location transparent manner. The European Copernicus Sentinel archives plus many more data assets are readily available for mix & match.

Planetary-Scale, Location-Transparent Federation

All data provided by federation members are accessible on any node, with no difference for the user. The example below shows a query done between ECMWF, located in the UK, and the Australian National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).

Datacube Standards

Learn more about the OGC datacube standards which enable access, analytics, and fusion on this single, multi-Petabyte information space spanning the planet. Try them out at the Jacobs University datacube playground.


EarthServer is an open community of large-scale Earth data providers, including research centers, supercomputing centers, companies, agencies. All EarthServer members contribute jointly to the single common information space for multi-dimensional spatio-temporal Earth data which EarthServer offers as a single point of Earth data and services.

Currently, the EarthServer Charter is being established for discussion and, upon agreement, adoption by the EarthServer community. Goal is to retain full autonomy of every participant while providing a fair, open, usable contribution valuable to the EarthServer users.

Datacubes At Your Fingertips

The combined federation data asset is available in full through any of the members below, such as this one, operated by Jacobs University:

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EarthServer Federation Members

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Join the Federation!

You have spatio-temporal Earth data to offer? Join us - the EarthServer federation is open and free! Once your datacube service is configured you just approach the federation board which will undertake all steps in a completely transparent process. Contact us anytime to find out more.

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